Open Letter to Members of the Maryland House of Delegates

We are writing to you as elected representatives to the Maryland Democratic Party in Baltimore County. We feel connected to you by our common values that inspire the work we have done in supporting our party and the work you have done in the Maryland House of Delegates to advance policies that promote equality, equity, and fairness.

Maryland was fortunate to have had Speaker Mike Busch in the House of Delegates for so many years, and his passing was heartbreaking for so many Marylanders. It seems too soon to be even considering a replacement but there is no question that our state needs to have the issue of leadership resolved.

You will soon be voting for the next speaker, and we believe that in keeping with our values, and the work that Speaker Busch committed his life to, it is imperative for you to support the House of Delegates Democratic Caucus choice for the next speaker. We feel it is the only way to ensure that unity within our party and the Democratic efforts that make our state unique continue unabated.

We stand with our Maryland Democratic Party Chair, Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, in stating, “Democrats should stand united in selecting a speaker that reflects our values and represents our state well.” We wish you the best as you make this difficult and vitally important decision.


Baltimore County Democratic State Central Committee Members

Tara Ebersole, BCDSCC Chair

Cory Edwards, District 6

Brad Kroner, District 7

Tyler Hagen, District 7

Elizabeth Brown, District 8

Emily Cooke, District 8

Danyell Winkey-Smith, District 10

Danny Blount, District 10

Lisa Belcastro, District 11

Noel Levy, District 11

Tracy Miller, District 11

Scott Sokol, District 42 A

Katie Dott, District 42 B

Anne George, District 42 B

Sheila Ruth, District 44 B

Aisha Khan, District 44 B

Nayna Phillipson, Associate Member

George White, Associate Member

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