Don’t Be Texas: Reject the Current Proposed Map

By Sheldon Laskin.

According to the latest U.S. census, 39.8% of the population in Texas is white, 39.3% is Hispanic, 11.8% is Black, and 5.4% is Asian.

In the initial redistricting map for the Texas House prepared by Texas lawmakers during the current special legislative session, most eligible voters in 59.3% of the districts are white, in 20% are Hispanic and in 2.7% are Black. No district has an Asian majority, and in 18%, no group has a majority.

Does Baltimore County really want to emulate Texas in its redistricting? Like Texas, does Baltimore County really want to pack most minority voters into one majority minority district?

Baltimore County should do better. Baltimore County can do better. And Baltimore County should want to do better. Please reject the current racially biased map and produce a map Baltimore County can be proud of. Instead of a Texas map.

Thank you.

Sheldon Laskin gave the above testimony at the Baltimore County Redistricting Public Hearing on October 26th, 2021.

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