The Time to Impeach is Now

By Jason Garber. At what point does the frog notice the boiling water? Over the past several days, reporting has established the terrorist attack of the Capitol was far worse than early reporting understood, and frankly, worse than most could comprehend that such an attack was occurring at THE Capitol, OUR Capitol. The magnitude of the situation is only now being meaningfully appreciated. The dizzying … Continue reading The Time to Impeach is Now

Public Defender Urges Police Reform

By Peta Richkus. In June 2020, Maryland House Speaker Adrienne Jones, with Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Luke Clippinger, convened the Work Group to Address Police Reform and Accountability in Maryland. “Policing in America is broken. While we have taken a number of positive steps in Maryland, we can’t be satisfied until every citizen has confidence in their police department…. We need structural reform … Continue reading Public Defender Urges Police Reform